An impressive domicile in the center of Berlin: The Kopernikusstrasse in Friedrichshain is one of the best residential addresses in the hippest, hottest and most creative district in Berlin.

Almost unlimited freedom in the layout of one or more floors gives you the opportunity to make your personal dreams come true.

The "Kopernikushöfe" (Kopernikus Courtyards) in Berlin Friedrichshain represent a lifestyle concept for individualists who want to experience the pulsating vitality of this special city but still need room to breath and a place to enjoy peace and quiet.

The exclusive loft houses are sensitively integrated in their surroundings. They reflect the style and flair of this historic district of small and medium-sized industrial complexes, which are now considered worthy of preservation as landmarks.

State-of-the-art energy-saving technology is a top priority here, and the building insulation goes far beyond the German Thermal Insulation Ordinance: the U value of the windows is 1.0 or less. The installation of floor heating and solar thermal systems considerably reduces the heating and hot water costs.

Bright, spacious rooms with ceiling heights of 3 meters or more provide abundant space for individual dreams of a lifetime. The floor plans can be designed with great flexibility. Your personal desires can be taken into account - living and/or working in lofts with flair - give your creativity free rein!

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